Feel the Heat!
Make the Journey

Make the Journey

Native Edge embodies the spirit of adventure. Our products are completely different, a delicious new adventure. Perfect for those who love to explore new terrain, take on new challenges, and bring new flavor to their lives.

Native Edge Founder, Son Allison

Growing up in both the Native American and Asian cultures, Son was constantly exposed to a wealth of intense, exotic aromas and flavors. His unique experiences inspired him to found Native Edge, a company dedicated to bringing innovative beverages especially designed for today's craftsmanship approach to mixology. Native Edge takes the traditions of Son's ancestors and brings them to the modern world.

Locally crafted artisanal spirits

Our products are small batch, hand-crafted spirits, made just outside of New York City. They are unlike any other product.

Based on old family recipes and a wonderful amalgam of cultural traditions, Native Edge products offer a completely unique flavor profile, yet hold appeal for people of diverse backgrounds and any age.

We use only natural spices and flavorings, and our products are 100% cane based. Our Spirits are Gluten Free and Kosher Certified.