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Native Heat

Every culture has its unique beverages; elixirs used by indigenous peoples for refreshment, and even for use in native ceremonies. Often these beverages provide and edge of vigor, a little extra lift to delight the senses. Native Heat is just such a beverage.

Native Heat is a spirit carefully infused with chili peppers to provide that extra something to your cocktails. While other "pepper" spirit companies simply add pepper powder or spray, Native Edge uses a special process to infuse our spirits with the juice of chili peppers. This infusion process takes weeks to perfect, and is carefully and constantly supervised by Son himself.

This precision process is why we make Native Heat in small batches, ensuring just the right amount of heat in each bottle.

Grab some Heat!

Mandarin Heat

Add some sweet to the heat with this very special spirit, Mandarin Heat. For Mandarin Heat, we use the same meticulous craft process that produces Native Heat, only now we add the refreshing flavor of mandarin oranges to provide a delicious counterpoint to the infused pepper.

Like Native Heat, Mandarin Heat can be enjoyed alone, warm, chilled or frozen. It can be added to other ingredients for customized cocktails, and in preparing special desserts and other dishes.

Grab some Sweet Heat!

Locally Produced by
Nahmias Et Fils Distillery
Yonkers, New York